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Premier Racks and Cabinets

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We supply Premier racks and cabinets at very competitive prices. Pelase see below the products we offer and contact us for more info and to buy.

Electronic Data Communication Enclosures/Cabinets

  • Cablemax Series - Solves heat & cable management issues
  • Trimline TVA Series — Accent trim front, rear door access and removable side panels.
  • Spartan SVA Series — All the basics for economically housing your system. Vertical and sloped fronts.
  • Trimline & Spartan 30 and 40 Wedge Frames
  • Welded FDX-RMX Series — Ruggedly constructed with front and rear doors -- non-removable sides. A basic functional design.

Cable Managers

  • Cable Management

LAN/Data Communication Enclosures

  • Double bay versions to house your servers, routers, patch panels, monitors, UPSs, etc.

Wall Mounted Cabinets

  • NetCom wall mounted cabinets are perfect for users who require reduced panel height and depth.

Sloped Front Enclosures

Trimline Series TSA — with sloped mounting angles, rear door and removable side panels.

  • Spartan Series SSA — Cost-effective design with rear door and removable side panels.

Instrument Cases/Cabinets

  • Portable Trimline Series — Choose from 88 standard sizes. Available with top and side handles, tilt stands, rack adapters, slides, etc.
  • Accessories for Trimline Series Above

Relay Racks

  • Heavy Duty RR-2100 Series — Come in heights from 64 to 80 inches. Large base.
  • Channel RR-800 Series Relay Racks — Heights range from 39 to 69 inches.
  • Table Top TR Series Relay Racks — Heights range from 25 to 32 inches.

Electronic Enclosure Accessories

  • Cable Managers
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Shelf
  • Stationary Shelf
  • Sliding Shelf
  • Heavy Duty Outlet Strip
  • Sliding Keyboard Shelf
  • Cantilevered Shelf
  • Sliding Drawer
  • Panel Mounted Blower
  • Slides
  • Copper Bus Bar (Consult Factory)

Other Accessories

  • Plexiglass and Metal Doors
  • Casters
  • Anti-Tip Devices/Leveling Legs
  • Blank Panels
  • Perforated Panels
  • Formed Panels
  • Side Hinged Panels
  • Grille Panels
  • Panel Mounting Angles
  • Top Filler Panels
  • Mounting Hardware
  • External Writing Shelves
  • Internal Stationary Shelves
  • Ganging Kits





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