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Seismic Cabinets, High Impact Shock Cabinets

Mil-S-901-D Cabinets, EMI/RFI Shielded, GR63 Seismic Cabinets

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In addition to the standard line of cabinets we manufacture several specialty and custom cabinets, such as Seismic Cabinets and Shock Cabinets for the Navy / Mil-S-901-D Cabinets.

With extensive sheet metal fabrication capabilities we can fulfil all the customer’s requirements.

Shock Cabinets for the Navy / Mil-S-901-D Cabinets

Built around Spec Mil-S-901-D these cabinets (6 different sizes to date have been produced) are used by the navy onboard various ships. Several of the cabinets have been subjected to various testing including EMI/RFI testing as well as barge and hammer testing. These cabinets are completely zinc plated and EMI shielded.

Seismic Cabinets

We have produced and tested several different Seismic Zone 4 cabinets in partnership with several different clients. The cabinets that were Earthquake tested in accordance with GR-63-Core. These cabinets have been manufactured with several different configurations.











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